Film Music




A short film that I have composed the music score for.

Title: Anstiftan
Short film (15 min)
Director: Erik Kammerland
Producer: Ludvig Olin
Music by: Karin Åberg
Screenplay: Erik Kammerland, Robert Krantz
Photography: Robert Krantz
Starring: David Arnesen, Happy Jankell, Carl Larsson, Gun Johansson

Story: A jealasy drama going out of hand.

A Nature Film (En naturfilm) (2010)

Documentary (3 min)

Director: Maurize Weber
Producer: Maurize Weber

Story: An artistic nature film portraying several known places in Växjö.

Traveller (2009)

Documentary (3 min)

Director: Öppna Kanalen Växjö
Producer: Öppna Kanalen Växjö

Story: Sixteen individual Community TV stations from all over the world cooperate
to create a program portraying each of therir regions and their significant trait.
Växjö´s contribution is a three minute episode displaying such as traits and locations
as the famous vegetation of Växjö the Linneaus University, the Christmasfair, Smaland
Airport among others.

In the month of November of 2009 Karin contributed music to a documentary film. The client was a local TV/broadcast station named “Öppna Kanalen”. The film was a part of a project where 16 individual Community TV Stations from all around the World join together for a joint production. What was special about this very project was that this was a first time for such an event to take place.

During the Autumn of last year “The Traveller” visited Community TV Stations throughout the World to find out what makes Community Media so very special. One of those channels visited was Öppna Kanalen Växjö. Together they produced a film documenting the journey of “The Traveller”. At least 24 Community TV Stations participated in the broadcast and the viewers were estimated to be more than ten million people within eleven countries.

Three minutes of the film were produced by Öppna Kanalen Växjö and they portray such significant traits of Växjö such as: Växjö being the greenest city in Europe, the Linneus University, the Christmas fair of Växjö, Småland Airport among other equally important traits of Växjö and Småland.

Karin Åberg wrote the music for Växjö´s documentary.

Öppna Kanalen Play



Title: Lövångerrundan
Genre: Documentary (30 min)
Director: Elisabeth Andersson, Ulrika Andersson
Producer: Elisabeth Andersson, Ulrika Andersson
Music by: Karin Åberg
Trailer: Karin Åberg

Story: A film portraying the love for old cars and motorcycles.
In it we get to visit the small society of Lövånger in Västerbotten (Sweden).


Isolerad (Isolated)

Title: Isolerad
Novel film (26 min)
Genre: Thriller
Director: Elisabeth Andersson
Producer: Emma Lindqvist
Music by: Karin Åberg

Screenplay: Elisabeth Andersson
Photography: Erik Andersson
Starring: Lina Hofvenberg, Björn Andersson, Filip Tallhamn,
Lasse Erikoinen, Erik Andersson, Alexander Bergström. Åke Bergbäck.
Trailer: Karin Åberg

Story: The young violin player Lovisa begins studying at a school of music located
on the countryside. Suddenly strange things start happening inside her student´s room.

The film was awarded second place in ”Stockholm video och filmfestival 2005”.
Karin was awarded a diploma for best music in the specific category.