Misa Music Production is a music production company based in the central part of Växjö, Sweden, formed by Karin Åberg. Our studio has been open since October 2008. We work with highly educated composers, producers and musicians.

About Composer And Producer Karin Åberg












Karin Åberg was raised in Älvsbyn, a small community in the north of Sweden. At 2002 she was accepted to the Department of Music and Media in Piteå at the Luleå University of Technology. For four years she studied composition, orchestration and conducting and in 2008 she was rewarded the degree of Bachelor Of Fine Arts With A Major In Music Composition. Her fith and final year she studied music production and surround sound at the Linneaus University of Växjö (Sweden).

Her background ranges from composition and music production for film, commercials, symphony orchestras, choir, contemporary music, electronic music, chamber opera, various kinds of ensembles like pop/rock-bands and big-bands.

In 2007 Karin moved to the city Växjö in the south of Sweden.She has tought composition, songwriting, music theory and ear training at the Linnaeus University in Växjö.

Karin Åberg has always had the music within her. During her childhood she was influenced by the music of movies and TV-shows and affection for grand and spectacular music was born. Her background playing classical piano along with writing pop music, has allowed her to create her own sound and musical expression.














“Karin Åberg has been a student of mine while studying at Luleå University/ Pitea School of Music. Karin attended classes in filmmusic. Karin has a strong sense for drama and can write music tailored for the picture in a wide variety of musical styles. She´s got excellent skills in instrumentation for all kinds of ensembles including the Symphony orchestra. I think she is especially good with voices. She is also a very talented singer/ songwriter. Easygoing, socially gifted, curios are othe words to describe her. I have seen work she has done professionally lately, and this only adds to my opinion! With all these skills Karin is clearly well suited for work in film/media. I give all my best recommendations.

Johan Ramström, Junior Lecturer, composer, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

“I had the pleasure to teach Karin in arranging and orchestration at the Music Departement of Luleå Tekniska Universitet. She showed a great talent in composing and arranging and was very motivated and focused. I can strongly recommend her as an arranger/composer and orchestrator”.

Hasse Hjortek, Institutet för Musik och medier, Luleå tekniska universitet.

“Karin är en mycket professionell kompositör och är duktig på att tillmötesgå behoven för uppdraget. Vi är mycket nöjda med Karins arbete och rekommenderar henne varmt”.

Ida Qvarnström, Reaktor Sydost, Växjö

“Musiken kryper intill hjärtat, Karin Åberg har koden till detta som man aldrig kan sätta ordet på”.

Professor Jan Sandström, Institutet för Musik och medier, Luleå tekniska universitet.


Studio Info

Imac 2,8 GHz
Logic Pro 8.
Apogee Duet

Software synths and plug-ins from:
East West Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus, East West Quantum Leap Goliath.

Music Notation Software:
Sibelius and Finale

Clavia Nord Stage 88
Mic & Mic Preamp: